Diced (Chopped) Apricots

Pack Size: 27.5 Lbs.

Price Offer: 2.200 Lbs Pallet

Minimum Order Quantity: 2.200 lbs order / 80 x 27.5 lbs

Available As: Diced


Product Description


Our organic apricots are cultivated in Malatya (Turkey) and are called Malatya apricots. Turkey supplies 80% of the world’s organic apricots and is the leader in the apricot market. Apricots cultivated in Turkey have a distinctive taste which differs greatly from that of apricots grown in Uzbekistan and other countries. Turkey has established a standard for apricots (TS 485) which requires Turkish government officials to check the size and quality of the fruits upon exportation. https://www.izmir-organic.com/diced-apricots



Natural Dried Apricots are high in fiber, antioxidants such as flavonoid and vitamins A, C, and E.. Flavonoids help to protect your body from oxidative stress, and also they protect against diabetes and heart disease. Vitamins A and E are essential for eye health.


How To Eat Dried Apricots ?

If you are trying to lose weight but you need something sweet at the same time; a few dried diced apricots are worth to try to appease your chocolate crisis. Also you can add dried diced apricots in yogurt, ice-cream, cakes or you can prepare great smoothies. You can enjoy dried diced apricots straight from the pack as a snack or you can mix it with nuts. With its high sweet flavor dried apricots will create a super sweet flavor for your trail mixes. Our natural dried apricots have a natural sweet taste therefore you can use them in cakes, cookies and yogurt.

Dried Apricots, Natural, Diced 10 x 10 mm 2.200 Lbs Pallet


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