Diced (Chopped) Figs

Pack Size: 27.5 Lbs.

Price Offer: 2.200 Lbs Pallet

Minimum Order Quantity: 2.200 lbs order / 80 x 27.5 lbs

Available As: Diced


Product Description
Our diced figs come from Turkey’s mountains. No chemicals or additives are used during production. Our organic figs are dried naturally in the sun. Diced figs are placed in blue polypropylene (PP) bags, a type of packaging which helps preserve their freshness for a long period of time.


Our diced figs make an excellent sugar substitute because they are high in fructose while at the same time being low in calories and containing no fat. Dried figs are rich in fiber and high in minerals such as calcium, iron, copper and zinc. Consuming them is beneficial for both hair and skin. Dried figs offer a unique delectable flavor.


How to Eat Dried Figs


Whether consumed as a snack or in trail mixes, dried figs provide a substantial amount of energy combined with a unique flavor and natural sugar content. Dried figs can be used in one’s daily breakfast or in food recipes in their diced form. They can be mixed with yogurt and a pinch of cinnamon for a healthy homemade fruit yogurt. Dried figs can also serve as a natural sweetener for a diet cake


Dried Figs, Diced 10 x 10 mm 2.200 Lbs Pallet