Organic Hazelnuts 9-11 mm

Organic Hazelnuts 9-11 mm

Organic Hazelnuts

Pack Size: 10 kg

Minimum Order Quantity: You can order as 100 cartons online


Available As: Whole


Product Description

Hazelnuts come from the Black Sea region in Turkey. Turkey represents Up to 62-65% of the world’s Hazelnuts production. Berrylove offers the highest quality of Organic Hazelnuts both natural and processed.


Organic Hazelnuts are very healthy and free from pesticides. They contain vitamin E, protein, healthy fats and fiber. Hazelnuts reduce the levels of harmful cholesterol and help improve insulin sensitivity.


How To Eat Organic Hazelnuts ?

They can be added to your favorite snack and used in different products like cookies, cakes etc. Organic Hazelnuts 9-11 mm are available and you can order them easily from our web site



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