Raisins - Sultana

Pack Size: 27.5 Lbs.

Price Offer: 2.200 Lbs Pallet

Minimum Order Quantity: 2.200 lbs order / 80 x 27.5 lbs

Available As: Whole



Product Description

Sultana raisins are an irreplaceable and healthy member of the dried fruits family. Whether golden, green or black, these delicious raisins are enjoyed by all. Our Sultana and Thompson raisins are grown in Turkey, Iran and Uzbekistan. They undergo additional tests in our facility for microbiological and chemical agents and are therefore guaranteed to be pesticide and lead-free. We supply Sultana raisins to small shops as well as wholesalers in Turkey and to importers throughout the world.


Raisins - Sultana, No:8 , Standard 2.200 Lbs Pallet