Organic Spanish Almonds

Organic Spanish Almonds

Organic Spanish Almonds

Pack Size: 50 Lbs.

Minimum Order Quantity: You can order as 44 cartons online


Available As: Whole, Slices, Blanched


Product Description

Even though it is known that Almonds come from Southwest Asia, The Mediterranean climate is also suitable for growing Almonds. Spanish Almonds, have a darker color and are larger and softer than the other varieties of almonds.


The benefits of Organic Spanish Almonds are endless, they contain iron, calcium, potassium, healthy fats and vitamins E, A, D, C, PP, B1 and B2. Consuming this type of almonds helps regulate the blood pressure, lowers cholesterol and prevents diabetes.


How To Eat Organic Spanish Almonds ?

Organic Spanish Almonds are available on our website. They can be consumed as a snack, and can be used in pastry, and other foods. Our product is the most natural and unprocessed form of Organic Spanish Almonds.



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