organic dried mulberries

Organic Dried Mulberries

Organic Sun Dried Mulberries

Pack Size: 22 Lbs.

Minimum Order Quantity: 550 lb order / 25 x 22 lbs cartons


Available As: Whole


Product Description

White Mulberries ( Morus Alba) are grown in south-east of Turkey. After the harvest they are naturally dried under the sun and then exported all over the world.



Sun Dried Mulberries are considered to be a super food thanks to the several health benefits that they provide. They contain flavonoid antioxidants, vitamins like (vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin K, vitamin E, B-complex) and minerals such as (iron, potassium, magnesium). Sun Dried White Mulberries are also rich in fiber and proteins and most of all they help regulating the blood-sugar levels.

How To Eat Dried Mulberries ?

They are additionally a satisfying and nutritious snack to go too. Dried mulberries can also be reconstituted in water to improve their texture and incorporated into other recipes or you can grind them up and add them to recipes for muffins and cupcakes. Because our mulberries have a unique sweet taste, you can mix them into your cereals, oatmeals combined with raisins, trail mixes, home-made cakes, yoghurt and desserts.



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