Sun Dried Mulberries - Regular

Pack Size: 22 Lbs.

Minimum Order Quantity: 1716 lbs order / 78 x 22 lbs cartons

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Dried Mulberries Description

Our dried mulberries are grown in a protected agricultural project in southeastern Turkey. They are processed in a BRC certified facility. No hydrogen peroxide or sulfur dioxide is used to treat the berries, and no additives or artificial colors or flavors are added. Our mulberries are sold in boxes containing 4 pouches which weigh 5.5 lbs each. We offer both conventional and organic mulberries.  


The mulberry’s uniqueness stems from its resveratrol content. This antioxidant increases the body’s resistance to free radicals and reduces leukocytes in the blood. The mulberry’s beneficial properties were known in the Near and Far East for centuries where it was traditionally used as an antiseptic to heal wounds, particularly in the mouth.  



Benefits of Dried Mulberries

Once fresh mulberries are dried, their carbohydrate level decreases by about 10 percent, which is quite unusual for a dried fruit. Mulberries contain 14 percent fiber and almost 2 percent protein. This is particularly beneficial for people on a vegan diet. Mulberries are very low in fat, which makes it possible to consume many without worries.


Mulberries are also an excellent source of vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C and iron. Vitamin C helps boost the immune system while iron is essential to ensure an adequate supply of oxygen to the body’s cells and to prevent fatigue.



How To Eat Sun Dried Mulberries ?

You can enjoy mulberries straight out of the bag as a snack or you can mix them with nuts. The sweet flavor of mulberries can be used to add a tasty sweetness to trail mixes. For people who suffer from diabetes,  mulberries can be a healthy alternative to sugar as they have a very low glycemic load. You can enjoy them in yoghurt, smoothies or cakes. Store in a cool, dry place. Seal the package for freshness.


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