2017 Turkish Dried Fruit Export Figures

Turkey has received 925 million 602 thousand USD in return of exportation of raisins, dried apricots and dried figs-AKA the great trio of Turkish Dried Fruits, in 2017 as the leader exporter of these three fruits all around the world.

From Turkey's traditional export products, seedless raisins; In 2017, 270 thousand 15 thousand tons of goods with 419 million 268 thousand dollars, while the product that brings the highest foreign exchange, dry apricot exports 86 thousand 255 tons of 273 million 421 thousand dollars. If we export dried figs; 63 thousand 605 tons on the basis of value, 232 million 913 thousand dollars on the records passed.

Turkey, in the 2015/16 season raisins, dried apricots and dried figs exported 967 million 229 thousand dollars in foreign exchange earned. Exports of seedless raisins and dried figs has increased during the season of 2016/17, although compared to the 2015/16 season dried apricots export has remained behind the export figures of last season.

We are export-dependent in three products.

Birol Celep, the chairman of the Board of Directors of Aegean Dry Fruit and Products Exporters Association, stating that 80 per cent of seedless raisins, dried apricots and dried figs produced by Turkey must be exported and that Turkish exporters have successfully fulfilled this mission for centuries. and that nearly 100 percent of the added value of the foreign exchange obtained stays in Turkey.

UK is the top importer of Turkish Seedless Raisins

The United Kingdom was at the top of $ 107 million. While Germany was the second country with $ 55 million, the Netherlands was located in the third step of the summit with 46 million dollar seedless raisin exports.

44 percent of our dried apricots went to the EU

In our dried apricot exports, the European Union became the leading market with a share of 44%, while the dried apricots we exported to the EU countries obtained 119 million 288 thousand dollars. We sent 58 million 679 thousand dollars to the American continent, 30 million dollars to the Far East countries, 19 million dollars to the Middle East countries and 11 million dollars to the African countries.

On the basis of the countries, the biggest exporters are the United States with 40 million dollars, France is the second with 27 million dollars, Germany is the third with 22 million dollars.

The French people loved the Turkish figs most

The Frenchs loved Turkish figs which is indispensable for Christmas tableware. During the 2016/17 season, we exported 34 million 489 thousand dollars of dried fig to France. Germany is the second with 30 million 465 thousand dollar dried fig exports, whereas in the United States has purchased 25 million 672 thousand dollars of dried figs from Turkey.

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