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Berry Love LLC. is the organic dried food supplier which is located in New Jersey, USA.Here we do supply Organic, Raw Apricot Kernels which are obtained from Malatya ( a city of South-East of the Turkey) Apricots. Let’s check incredible effects of these seeds.But first, according to the health authorities, apricot kernels contains the high value of Vitamin B17. Therefore; Do not eat more than 8 kernels a day. Eating too many apricot kernels may cause acute cyanide poisoning, but if you eat 1 pound in one go for this.

Let’s check the incredible benefits of these kernels.

Prevents from Cancer

According to science authorities, Vitamin B17 is positively effective on some cancer types which is found in raw apricot kernels. Vitamin B17 also known as amygdalin or laetrile, untruly. Amygdalin and laetrile are semisynthetic matters. Vitamin B17 naturally exist in raw apricot kernels.

Hair, Skin and Nail Care

Eating Apricot Kernels and using Apricot Kernel oil will be the source of your beauty in a short time. Especially, organic bitter apricot kernels oil perfectly suit your hair, skin and nail care all in one.

Vitamin B17 and Blood Pressure

This mysterious Vitamin also providing balance to blood pressure and trying to keep it on normal levels.

Where to buy Organic Apricot Seeds?

Berry Love is ready to supply Bitter and Sweet Apricot Kernels to all states of the USA. You can order even 1 pound in order to try these kernels.

Let’s check our retail and bulk packages before order.

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