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Moruss White Mulberries 5 oz 150 g or 10 oz 283 g

Ingredients: (100%) Sun Dried Mulberries

Storage information: Store in a cool, dry place. Seal the bag for Fresness.

Non GMO - Vegan - RAW - Gluten Free

Net Wt. 5 Oz (150g) - 10 Oz (283g) Stand Up Doypack

You can mix them into your cereals, oatmeals combined with raisins, trail mixes, home-made cakes, yoghurt and desserts, or just eat from the box as snack.

100 g Dried Mulberries include 43 kcal. They are rich of Vitamin A, C and E. They contain 70% carbs, 14% fiber, 12% protein and 3% fat, which makes them fairly high in protein, at least compared to most berries.

Mulberries contained resveratrol in it. This antioxidant increases the body’s resistance to free radicals and reduces leucocytes in the blood, a fact known by those living in the Near East and Far East for centuries. They have used mulberries as an antiseptic to heal wounds, especially of the mouth.

Amazon Moruss White Mulberries

Amazon Moruss White Mulberries

e-bay Moruss White Mulberries

e-bay Moruss White Mulberries

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