The record export prices of Turkish Dried Figs

In Turkey, as the world leader of production and export of dried figs, the export sales prices reached record levels due to increased demand from Far East and the USA.

The Aegean Exporters' Association reported a net income of $ 193 million for 43 thousand tons of dried figs from October 11, 2017 to March 10, 2018, when the dried fig export season began, according to the country's general export data.

During the same period last season, revenue of $ 161 million was generated for 42 thousand tons of external sales. Thus, exports of figs increased by 2.4 percent on a volume basis and by about 20 percent on a value basis.

With the demand coming from the world market, the average export price of dried figs climbed to 4,965 USD per ton, with the increases in the last weeks reaching the record level with 5 thousand 100 USD.

During the last five months of the season, exports of dried figs to European Union (EU) countries, led by France and Germany, increased by 6 percent while sales to the United States rose by 54 percent.

Asia and Far East countries also attracted attention with a 41 percent increase in the market, 22 percent of exports to the Middle East countries.

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