What's the Difference Between Raisins, Sultanas, and Currants?

Raisins, sultanas, and currants are small, sweet dried fruits that are used in many of the same ways, but they have their own unique traits.

Do you know the difference between these frequently mentioned baking basics?

The Difference Between Raisins, Sultanas, and Currants

While all three are types of dried fruit and used in similar ways, there are several things that set raisins, sultanas, and dried currants (both true currants and Zante currants) apart from each other.

Raisins, sultanas, and Zante currants are all sweet dried fruits that stem from different varieties of vine-grown grapes, while currants really are a fresh bush-grown berry that is tart rather than sweet. Currants are also sold dried, but they're not as readily available as sultanas and raisins.

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